Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blogging For My Future

Blogging Is Tough

Blogging is much harder than I expected it to be. I believe the problem arises from the lack of interest in writing.

There are hundreds of disciplines in school and like many others, writing just so happens to be the least enjoyable for me. Right off the bat I had a hard time getting my page to look how I wanted.

Blogging frequently is another problem that arises after a short while. The excitement of your blog goes away and it seems like more and more of a hassle to do.

However, I have learned a lot about design, how a blog works. I've learned what looks and sounds both good and bad.

The hardest part about blogging is putting in the effort and grinding through posts to make them better.

Evolution of My Blog

In the beginning of the semester there were only winter sports going on. With baseball and softball coming in full swing, the sports my blog will be about are different now.

Also, Ive added my recent broadcasting posts to my blog. I starting doing play-by-play on the school radio station for all the UCO sports and it has been a blast! I believe this will make my posts better in the near future.

The length and style of my posts have stayed fairly consistent. I know I enjoy reading just the main points rather than searching through a long story for them.

Blogging For My Future

My main career goal is to become a firefighter. As far as that is concerned, I don't really need to know about blogging.

However, many firefighters have a side gig. I would love for mine to be sports broadcasting. I wanted to get a degree before becoming a firefighter for both financial and personal reasons.

It is easier to rank higher if you have a degree and also I will have a backup plan if things do not work out.

The Blogging Affect

In this class blogging gave me new friends. The guy I am doing the broadcasts with sits two seats over from me. The guy between us is hopefully going to join the team.

I've also acquired a new connection with Berry Trammel, a sports blogger who works for the Oklahoman

Blogging in this class has brought me a greater team spirit for UCO. I now have to keep up with the sports here and am able to inform others about how the teams are doing.

Lessons of More Importance

An important lesson I got which I still struggle with is being creative. I continue to struggle with writing in a manner that people enjoy reading.

Grammar is also a very important lesson. Believe it or not, I learned quite a bit about grammar in this class alone.

Word choice is the most important lesson of them all. If we use the correct words to describe whatever topic we are writing about, we will be able to more effectively paint a picture our audience can see.

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