Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bronchos Swing Into Second

Alexander Hughes shot off a one-under-par 71 round to roll with the pack and take Central Oklahoma into second place after the second day of playin the MIAA Men's Golf Championships Tuesday.
The Bronchos are the defending champions and are lead by head coach Josh Fosdick. They took ten strokes off their 1st round score at 292 and are at a 594 overall count after 36 holes. They are playing at the 7,081-yard, par-72 Sycamore Ridge Golf Course.The Bronchos are only 1 stroke behind the leader being Central Missouri. Lindenwood is in third at 597.

Bronchos are doing well for an 11 team field and hope to defend their title. 
The final round of play starts at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday. The winner is awarded an automatic bid to the NCAA Tourney

Baseball Breakdown

The Bronchos baseball team lost 5-2 to Northwest Missouri in the final game of its final MIAA series Sunday afternoon.

The Bronchos lead 2-1 in the bottom of the fifth as they were approaching their second of three wins from the Bearcats. But after a huge rally of three runs in the fifth, UCO couldn't wake the bats up once more. 

The Bronchos are 23-17-1 on the season and 13-15 in the MIAA. UCO has seven games left on the schedule. 

UCO plays at Northeastern State on Tuesday before a long three game weekend against Washburn and Nebraska-Kearney to end the year. 

Chos Chasing a Championship

Ashleigh Tramel rocketed a banger in the seventh inning of the first game to break a defensively dominated game and launched Central Oklahoma to a grueling 1-0 first-game victory over Pitt-State. 

 The No. 22-ranked Bronchos acquired the MIAA regular season championship for the first time since 2013

UCO came back from a 1-0 deficit in the second game and defeated Pitt-State to sweep them in the series and completed a perfect weekend of 4-0. The Bronchos finished the regular season 43-9 overall. 

The ladies play again Thursday in the MIAA Post-season Tournament at the ASA Hall of Fame Complex in Oklahoma City. Number 1 seeded UCO will face the eighth seeded Emporia State at 5 p.m. in the first round.

The tournament will continue in to Saturday where the winner will get a one way ticket to the NCAA National Championship tournament. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Emporia State Beat Down By Bronchos

On Wednesday, March 23, The Broncho softball team took the field in their brand new stadium against Emporia State University. 

Emporia took the lead early in the second inning with a 2 run double. Fortunately the Bronchos were able to make a score and keep Emporia's lead to a single point. 

Neither team would score again until the Bronchos rallied back in the 6th. With a three run inning, Buddy and the gang were back on top with a 4-2 lead. Emporia would lead off with a 1 run banger in the top of the 7th, but it wasn't enough. 

Jayden Chestnut held off the Hornets to 6 hits, 3 runs and struck out 3, to finish them off in the top of the 7th. 

The second game was a completely different story. The Bronchos bullied Emporia When Peyton Walker took the mound. Walker allowed 0 runs and just 2 hits throughout the entire game but this wasn't the most impressive stat. 

The Bronchos brought the wood when they scored 8 runs in the first inning. The final dagger came in the 4th when Jones got the final RBI of the game.

UCO run ruled the Hornets in just 5 innings and held them scoreless. The Bronchos are still undefeated in conference play at 4-0 and play at home Saturday and Sunday at noon.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blogging For My Future

Blogging Is Tough

Blogging is much harder than I expected it to be. I believe the problem arises from the lack of interest in writing.

There are hundreds of disciplines in school and like many others, writing just so happens to be the least enjoyable for me. Right off the bat I had a hard time getting my page to look how I wanted.

Blogging frequently is another problem that arises after a short while. The excitement of your blog goes away and it seems like more and more of a hassle to do.

However, I have learned a lot about design, how a blog works. I've learned what looks and sounds both good and bad.

The hardest part about blogging is putting in the effort and grinding through posts to make them better.

Evolution of My Blog

In the beginning of the semester there were only winter sports going on. With baseball and softball coming in full swing, the sports my blog will be about are different now.

Also, Ive added my recent broadcasting posts to my blog. I starting doing play-by-play on the school radio station for all the UCO sports and it has been a blast! I believe this will make my posts better in the near future.

The length and style of my posts have stayed fairly consistent. I know I enjoy reading just the main points rather than searching through a long story for them.

Blogging For My Future

My main career goal is to become a firefighter. As far as that is concerned, I don't really need to know about blogging.

However, many firefighters have a side gig. I would love for mine to be sports broadcasting. I wanted to get a degree before becoming a firefighter for both financial and personal reasons.

It is easier to rank higher if you have a degree and also I will have a backup plan if things do not work out.

The Blogging Affect

In this class blogging gave me new friends. The guy I am doing the broadcasts with sits two seats over from me. The guy between us is hopefully going to join the team.

I've also acquired a new connection with Berry Trammel, a sports blogger who works for the Oklahoman

Blogging in this class has brought me a greater team spirit for UCO. I now have to keep up with the sports here and am able to inform others about how the teams are doing.

Lessons of More Importance

An important lesson I got which I still struggle with is being creative. I continue to struggle with writing in a manner that people enjoy reading.

Grammar is also a very important lesson. Believe it or not, I learned quite a bit about grammar in this class alone.

Word choice is the most important lesson of them all. If we use the correct words to describe whatever topic we are writing about, we will be able to more effectively paint a picture our audience can see.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Basketball Bronchos Bucked In Quarterfinals

The men's basketball team had a mediocre season.

After a season filled with injuries and slim rosters the Bronchos managed to fight their way to the MIAA quarterfinals and lost for the third year in a row.

Central Missouri bucked the Bronchos 59-54.

Corbin Byford, the Junior from Velma, OK, led the team with 20 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocked shots.

The rest of the Bronchos however, failed to hit shots and just couldn't finish out the season playing well.

They ended the season 17-12 which is good however the talent of Byford could have advanced the Bronchos closer to the title

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

First Broadcast A Success

Tuesday evening Nate Baldwin and I attempted our first official broadcast over the UCENTRAL radio network.

Individuals from all over Edmond tuned in to 99.3 F.M. to listen to the First round of the MIAA womens basketball tournament.

The lady bronchos put a whoopin' on the Northwest Missouri Bearcats and will now advance to the next round.

As far as the broadcast was concerned it went great. After a few learning curves we figured out the women's names and grabbed our flow.

The further in to the game, the better we got. Soon we were playing off one another and had quite the broadcast.

Towards the end of the game the Athletic Director gave us a visit and was fascinated with the performance we had put up.

Needless to say, I'm sure we will be broadcasting many sports in the future of our tenure here at UCO

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Walk Off Walk For The Win

After a nail biting back and forth battle, the UCO baseball team bucked SWOSU off of a questionable call.

Down 4-0 early, the Bronchos needed to call up Teddy Roosevelt for some advice. They got just what the doctor ordered. In the bottom of the second the big sticks came out closing the gap to a single run.

Just half way through the game it was already a slugfest. In the bottom of the sixth the bulldogs were up 9-8. They would continue to hover just ahead of the Bronchos until the absolute last possible second.

It's the bottom of the 9th with a tie ball game, the bases are loaded and the batter has a full count.

Jon Kamies (pictured right) is just the guy the Bronchos want in this scenario. The 6 foot 2 inch, 220 pound Senior All-American from Sapulpa, Oklahoma is living out a child's fantasy.

Although he does not deliver in the most typical way one would hope for a happy ending, he gets the job done by drawing a walk and winning the Bronchos the game

UCO finished off SWOSU 12-11 in an exciting shootout which even included an ejection. The Bronchos are headed to Bolivar, MO. to take on Southwest Babtist in a 3 day, 3 game road trip this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bronchos Tied With Notre Dame For Fourth In The Nation

The UCO wrestling team has had an amazing performance this year. The Bronchos beat down 18 straight schools for an unprecedented perfect season.

The Bronchos are now ranked 4th in the nation and will continue their journey after placing second just behind the number 3 ranked Nebraska-Kearney in the MIAA championship.

This Friday the Bronchos will be in Golden, Colorado to compete in the NCAA West Super Regional. If the Bronchos win they will then travel to Birmingham, Alabama to compete for an NCAA National Title. 

The Bronchos have a great chance to do something special this season. They have a new hungry coach, a talented hungry team, and a big hungry fan base behind them. With 5 wrestlers ranked nationally in the top 10 in their weight class they have the tools to pull it off. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bronchos Softball is Undefeated

The Lady Bronchos started off their season with a bang as they began with a 5 game winning streak.

Morgan Heard UCO shortstop
Over a course of 3 days, the Chos took on all 5 teams with little resistance. Their game opener against the Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds was a 9-1 beatdown.

The brutality didn't stop there. The second game, and the closest, was a modest 3-0 shutout against the Dustdevils.

They continued their next three games by laying the wood on their opponents. By the end of the opening tournament, the Lady Bronchos had outscored their opponents 36-7

This coming weekend the ladies will travel down to San Antonio, Texas to compete in the rattler invitational, their second tournament of the season.

I along with many others expect a similar outing and am looking forward to seeing the results.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Bronchos Buck The Sooners On The Ice

This past Friday and Saturday the University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos hockey team took on the big and bad OU squad in a bedlam showdown.

Most Oklahomans would probably assume that the Sooners would have won this battle and the war, but that is not the case.

UCO won both of the games this weekend. Friday they gave the Sooners a little taste of Broncho power defeating them 3-1.

The game started off a little slow ending the first period scoreless but picked up in the second with a stout 2 goals for the Chos.

The third period started off disappointing when the Sooners scored first, however a late goal in the final minutes of play closed the door on the Crimson and Cream and sealed the deal for Buddy Broncho and the gang.

Saturday the Bronchos made the 20 mile road trip down to the Blazers Ice Centre which is the home rink of the Sooners.

Home field advantage didn't help the Sooners defense. The Bronchos scored a healthy 6 goals in Saturday's game doubling their score of the match-up the night before.

Blazers Ice Centre had a similar effect on the Bronchos. They allowed 3 goals in this second match-up. This was 2 more than the night before. However the forwards put in work on the offensive end and created a nice result.

The Bronchos have a rich history of laying the wood on the historic D1 school in hockey and continue to not disappoint. They took the weekend by storm and dominated the Sooners on both sides of the ice.

Broncho fans are very happy with their championship quality team this year and are very hopeful for another ring this season.

The Bronchos have 2 more regular season games at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania this weekend,
then will travel to compete in the post season.

Monday, February 6, 2017

UCO Sports To Be Broadcast Over Radio

Sports have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My earliest and best childhood memories involve a ball. I am happy to say I will be continuing my love of sports in a way most enthusiasts like myself would envy.

Growing up I played every mainstream sport in America. Basketball, football, soccer, and my personal favorite, baseball, were all pursued throughout my athletic career. Along with a few not-so-popular sports, all were enjoyed. I never played a sport I didn't appreciate and this includes cross country. 

Throughout high school I always wanted to announce the games. Something about commentating games seemed intriguing to me. The only problem was they already had adults that volunteered to announce and a kid wasn't going to get the job over them. 

I made my way to the scorers table fortunately. For volleyball games and basketball games I ran the clock and scoreboard. Being a part of baseball and soccer teams would eventually effect my availability and the spring would consist of only sports I played. 

After graduating I needed to fill a sports void. I no longer was submerged in year round athletic events and was feeling deprived. That is when I gravitated towards sports radio. I fell in love as I listened to the MMM Ranch on my way home from work everyday. 

For over two years the only exposure to sports I had was radio and television. My first college, Rose State, didn't offer a whole lot of options as far as Sports are concerned. Still I had an emptiness inside. I wanted to be more involved and more in the scoop.

 Luckily after transferring to UCO in the fall of 2016 I met a great friend through eating an entire tub of cheese balls and got the connection I needed. A guy named Chisolm Holland interned for the radio show I very much enjoyed. He was able to plug me in and help me acquire an internship with them as well. To this day I still participate in my internship with the MMM Ranch for nothing more than the love of sports.

The MMM Ranch however is a sports talk radio broadcast. I have had a lot of fun participating and talking on air with my new friends at 107.7 The Franchise OKC. But I still wasn't getting to experience games like I wanted to. I wasn't participating in the action. Nor was I feeling involved enough. 

About this time I enrolled in a class called Broadcast Audio Production. I needed it for my major which is Mass Communications - Professional Media. I had this teacher before online and really enjoyed the class. My internship had already taught me a lot of the things I needed to know which was a bonus. 

After discussing my internship with my teacher I asked him what he thought about me doing the play-by-play for UCO sports. With him being a sportscaster himself he was thrilled with the idea and immediately hopped on board. Both of us were excited.

A few meetings and about a week later we were searching Hamilton Field House, where all the Basketball and Volleyball games are played, for plug-ins to figure out how we were going to broadcast the games. That day we ordered equipment and are now ready to roll for the rest of the home games. 

Although the basketball season is almost over Baseball and Softball are just getting started. We have plenty of broadcasting to do this semester and I am looking forward to sharing the athletic experience with all of Edmond and the surrounding area. 
99.3 f.m. ucentral radio is the schools station that we will be broadcasting from. you can also follow them on twitter @ucentralradio to get updates from their account. 

Broadcasting has been a dream of mine since a very young age. I have been blessed with many wonderful opportunities and great people to help me get to this point. Most start out reporting class B high school games and here I am at a division 2 university. If it weren't for a few key people like Chisolm Holland and Professor Nelson the opportunities wouldn't have unfolded. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Another School Record Set At UCO

Sheri Snyder is the type of athlete most of us do not want to be. She competes in an art that the average person despises doing.

Many only run in order to condition themselves and many more don't run at all. Snyder is a runner. She is one of the the few that get a kick out of putting one leg in front of the other at an above average pace.

The Edmond native that graduated from Deer Creek High School set foot in Norman this past Saturday to run the 1000 meter race with a goal in mind.

This race hosted by the University of Oklahoma is named the J.D. Martin invitational. The event refers to the OU All-American runner which is currently the assistant track and field coach at UCO. Martin claimed to have believed Snyder was capable of breaking the record before the race.

2 years prior the record was set for the women of the University of Central Oklahoma in the 1000 meter run by Katie Cease at a time of 3:03.71 and just a few short days ago was broken.

Sheri Snyder rolled down the track at an average speed of just over 12 miles per hour, finishing the race in a time of 3:03.02. Snyder finished without a second to spare, and history was made.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

UCO Wrestling Breaks School Record

The University of Central Oklahoma Wrestling team is well known around campus for their sheer dominance in the MIAA.

There is a rich history of excellence surrounding the program with the team boasting 15 national championships and over 65 individual national titles.

However, for the first time in school history the UCO mens wrestling team has an unbeaten record of 15-0.

Although down early, a submission by the Senior, Joshua Ailey, tied up the Bronchos at 6-6. After a hard fought introduction, The Chos ended up pulling away in the end defeating the Colorado State - Pueblo, Thunder Wolves 22-12.
The number 9 ranked Bronchos team got off to a thunderous start and just keeps on rolling. The Chos will be headed to St. Charles, Missouri on Friday, January 27 to take on the Lindenwood Lions to extend their legacy in the world of UCO sports 


Thursday, January 19, 2017


My name is Chase McMillen. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. I am a Professional Media major at the University of Central Oklahoma, and my blog is about UCO sports.